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Burmese leader is luxurious marry a daughter costly extremely extremely bri

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"Furious, make a person furious too, think of when you especially Burmese still have poverty of extreme of life of so much person.

The video that commander-in-chief of Burmese country peace and development committee chairman, national defence army holds general of luck of defense minister red concurrently to was its daughter to hold costly wedding in July the discharge outside recently, the gift that hearsay light accepts has 50 million dollar, make Burmese people intense and indignant.

The bride wears full diamond pearl

This paragraph of video can see on famous website YouTube. In this paragraph of video of 10 minutes, red of young daughter of Dan Rui, bride amounts to lucky a suit to be richly bejewelled, insert on the head full rare diamond and pearl, many pearl and diamond necklace also were worn on the neck, resplendent, bridegroom assist Chinese hackberrya is lukewarm stand in her beside, becoming the glass dump bubbly of tower shape to base.

Below the testimony of hundreds guest, this cuts next having symbolisticly to newlywed 5 tall big cake. Banquet is to be troubled by bridal chamber afterwards, see bridegroom and bride stand in the group photo before the big bed that by gold silk the sheet covers one piece only, gules filar flannelette from the ceiling lop, bridal chamber pole is used up luxurious.

The Burmese leader Dan Rui that wears traditional ceremonial robe or dress also appears in video, pace of daughter of his for company enters the hall.

The hearsay accepts a gift 50 million dollar

It is reported, this wedding was in this year in July admire light to hold, bridegroom assist Chinese hackberrya is lukewarm it is a major, also be a deputy director general of Burmese Ministry of finance.

Before video exposure, this wedding has been become Burmese before the topic in the city of metropolis Yang Guang, the gift that this pair of new personality receive the hearsay includes many renown car and many a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, total value 50 million dollar, the country that is equivalent to this having 53 million population national Medical Protection is 3 times more estimated last year. Bridal video appeared on Internet a few days ago, the outside can be peeped eventually Burmese " the century is bridal " exceed luxurious ostentation and extravagance.

Disregard the people's livelihood destitute

"I never had seen so much diamond, although their colour and lustre slants a bit,fizzle out. " renown citizen says Yang Guangyi. He still emphasizes, with before the group that Nai Wen Wei's daughter makes military goverment leader is right photograph comparing, the wedding of red luck daughter appears do not have grade.

Going up for bridal neck of those big like cherry diamond exclaim, the dweller that admire light the jokingly daughter entitle this Burmese leader " diamond " .
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