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Cater-cousin says: ankle oh? of Gao Yi of Qiong Qia n/HONNing be unworthy

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All the time the hearsay says, british prince Williams already was mixed currently hold the post ofcummer Kate parts company, get stuck with Jiessie of the cummer before Kenya compound. But the United States publishs 7 days " round-the-world newspaper " expose to the sun an inside: "Sedulous and low-key " Williams a few days ago already with Kate " be engaged secretly " , will marry this formally after graduating from the university Spring 2005 " civilian princess " !
According to Williams princely cater-cousin says, williams prince and Kate Middleton of 22 years old held a few days ago " be engaged secretly ceremony " , plan to be in Spring 2005 " after university of Drew of Williams Cong Shengan graduates " , hold " formal wedding " . He expresses, williams and Kate distribute intentionally part company hearsay, but the degree that they had reached to talk about marriage. After christmas, williams general and Kate tryst together, receive New Year jointly. " additionally inside personage discloses: "Kate resembles probably wearing the wife of a prince same, as ' civilian princess ' marry British royal family. The Kate of family of middle class of one's previous experience feels alarmed to this, but Williams comforts her to say for many times: ' I am loving you greatly, sooner or later, you will become queen, and my general becomes British king. ' " the expert also thinks, of Kate " civilian identity " , won't become its to enter an imperial court " obstacle " .

" round-the-world newspaper " say, if Williams married Kate Spring 2005, wedding is held so probably in holy Paul cathedral. 23 years ago, charles and Diane were held over " the century is bridal " .

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