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British royal family is bridal exhibit

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"Wedding of British royal family is exhibited " in Wen Sha fort kicks off 27 days, the article such as the picture that member of royal family of a batch of account remembers adorably, article, adornment meets with the public first. This the exhibition is to commemorate Phillip of Yi Lisha Bai Ershi and husband infante marries 60 years.

Exhibition include arrive from Victoria queen Yi Lisha Bai Ershi queen in all the bridal souvenir of new personality of 5 acting royal families.

Very conspicuous is Victoria queenly a diary. When writing down these characters, she is longing to become a bride, because this is full an affection that is permeated with joy.

Because " feel I am being loved, by a such angel " . Victoria queen is written, aerbaite infante " the blue eye that is like this beauty, so decorous nose, beautiful mouth, delicate moustache " .

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