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All fair and reasonable are lawful Weng Hong already married it is very nor

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Before long the net uploads before piece " Weng Hong admits maiden first pregnant " have be pregnant the photograph was card in May. Yesterday, weng Hong makes known his position publicly first in Shanghai, "I already married! " in order to ensure a right understanding of the facts.

Recreational group accurate mammy is particularly much this year, after afterwards Zhang Baizhi, Xu Ziqi, the ability year ago and the Weng Hong that man of president of Atlantic town gambling house divorces also are patted holding out search of abdominous, in spirits to buy infantile articles for use. Weng Hong expresses, because disloyal gossip harms her self-respect and family deeply already,clarifying is, "I already was not a person, have a family however, I do not want to let them be harmed. " maiden first pregnant be related, weng Hong explains, "I had married, the gentleman is a beautiful book Chinese that pursues healthy career, and I also have pregnant to be in personally, all these closes affection, reasonable, lawful. All these closes affection, reasonable, lawful..


Foudroyant knot legitimate child, can you be temporarily actuation? Weng Hong very calm, "If breakfast encounters him, my career and emotion can take a lot of roundabout way less, we want a healthy life. " group of place oneself entertainment, game of Weng Hong deep know well is regular, suit hard however, "I contrast self, so I continue to write a book now, the hope can let a reader know me through my growing experience. The hope can let a reader know me through my growing experience..

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