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New marriage times, star is busy enter " encircle a city "

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On June 3, han Caiying and Dongjun of young investment home Cui held royal wedding, be covered to get the bridegroom of severe tight fact by her all the time before, appear on wedding eventually. The most amused is, a paragraph of small songs in a film or play produces during wedding, bridegroom risks cold sweat suddenly when make a pledge, whether is he willing to marry Han Caiying to be when emcee inquiry wife when, he was stupefied 5 seconds, draw full-court yock, also psyched out Han Caiying.

The guest that day exceeds 500 people, include many recreation to encircle a favourite by sb in power among them, the person such as if Han Caiying's good friend is solemn and just flower, simple kindness. And preside over a wedding ceremony bridally the person is Korea minister of ministry of original public order holds congressman Li Haiqiu concurrently, look the husband that Han Caiying marries is not young entrepreneur so simple. In fact, the bound to Cui Dongjun understanding outside now is very little still, the Cui Dongjun that knows 30 years old only is born in a wealthy family, be graduated from American California university Berkeley cent school, run an investment firm at present; And Han Caiying is brought up in the United States as a child, be that paragraph of time that is in the United States, she knew Cui Dongjun, han Caiying answers Korea to develop later, two people are encountered again in Korea hind, just began association. Han Caiying says: "I observed very old ability to make this decision, he is a sincerity, worth while it is OK that reliance is mixed man of entrust all one's life. He is a sincerity, worth while it is OK that reliance is mixed man of entrust all one's life..

TV living broadcast, cany Yuan Jixiang is high-key

With Han Caiying what fete close friend differs is, cany Yuan Jixiang tells the world with the means clear of TV living broadcast, and this bridal viewing rate is as high as 49% for a time, exceeded the viewing rate that cany Yuan Jixiang gives an any teleplay that act before. The one act with top viewing rate appears in blast inside practice hard piano 3 months, play oneself sing oneself serve " be together forever " when, ling Jixiang weeps touch while, the rate of mobile phone download of this song rose 25 times in the violent wind inside a few days. The female bit that does not know this has lived energy of life a bit whether borrow this to marry is play again red?

Cany Yuan Jixiang and blast inside wisdom was in Japan late on May 30 Kobe holds marriage dinner, besides TV living broadcast, high-key discipline is sweet return take advantage of an opportunity to published new book that day in marriage banquet, explode oneself and blast inside wisdom ever was troubled by in before marrying 10 days part company. The reason is two people love passes a prate on internal program, make her not quite happy, fortunately cold war after 3 days, blast indrawn she is acknowledge a mistake, two talents restore good relations. On June 4, cany Yuan Jixiang writes an article to recall marriage dinner on his rich guest the setting that day, she expresses: "I feel we rely on everybody just about and went today, this kind of feeling appears outstanding all the more in marriage dinner scene. I felt marriage banquet that day special happiness, nevertheless this won't be the hour with my the happiest life, in the life henceforth we can be helped each other, progress jointly, want happy life everyday. Want happy life everyday..
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