Honeymoon travel " 6 element " " 4 avoid "

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Eat, live, travel, swim, buy, amusement, it is the 6 gist element in travel, the author passes the dribs and drabs in accumulating journey, summed up among them a few experience, the contraindication in still having a few trip and other the issue that wants an attention.

6 element:

Eat: Go out travel cannot be missed sample characteristic food of place. Giving producing area nature is flavour authentic low-cost, but must not buy in travel dot, to place dwelling place street shop buys gift won't by " slaughter " .

Notice sanitation and health. Travel is outer, sample dot of local name dish, name, it is undoubtedly a kind " dietary culture " enjoy, but must notice food waters wholesome, avoid by all means eats and drink too much.

Live: Be like conditional, before go on a journey but as better as credit travel agent connection, undertake advisory and entrust acting to book a room. Piece the room was not booked beforehand before travel, to a city preemptive Zhang Lv swims communication chart, examine convenient cheap, before choosing good guesthouse to register, you can try to tell to the clerk: I come again patronage, there should be privilege to frequenter here (although you are the first time enter) . Perhaps, can get bigger privilege. One does not exceed 4-5 person, the double room that chummage has banquet dream to think of a bed can, but thick mattess ground, two beds and approach, two fill up and approach becomes two magnify bed namely. During travel activity, want to assure enough sleep.

All right: Traffic expenses is a the expense in travel is the biggest, often occupy the half above of total spending. If time is ample, lie forcedly by train optimum, it is a lot of cheaper to compare a plane already, save accommodation cost again, add journey content. Buy airline ticket to want to know takeoff time and type first. After reaching destination, before taking a taxi, should know distance and price just won't be cheated about.

Jaunt must wear shoe of gym shoes, travel. Shoe wants light, size is proper, sole cannot too thin, do not wear new shoe, the lady had better not wear high-heeled shoes. When resting in road, loosen bootlace, stimulative blood circulates.

Baggage of the avoid when the journey is overmuch, carrying much article do not have a meaning, it is the encumbrance that we travel. Take beside, the action no-go; Put in hotel, insecure. So I promote a packet of policy: All baggage simply carries bursa on the back greatly.

Swim: This is the end with the oldest travel. View scene area, exhibition or shop, be unavoidable to spend money. Face area of a lot of scene, where should go to ought not to going? Must see travel pursue right now or ask to local: Choose to provide representative landscape most first; The exhibition should look around selectively; Take a photo as a souvenir does not waste film by shutter in disorder, choose good scenery or the scene that have commemorative sex; See the You Le project that be less than beforehand, had better understand to the tourist that swims to come out, do not listen to the chaos that sells a bill to blow only.
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