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Move toward red carpet hand in hand when the sweethearts that love each other when that one aspect of the matter, ever can imagine, let heaven and earth witness this lasting and changeless deep feeling, let the admonition that nature listen respectfully loves, will harvest affection with collecting the means of scene all the way, viatic marriage will be romantic and especially other and itinerary. Although each are big,the marriage that travel agent rolls out for new personality design only, honeymoon travels, center in dry,crisp air of autumn October more, although,show Feng Chengxia, but the sweethearts that has intention people can want to make a plan early.

Brigade of newly-married of all over the country

Because the journey marries with comfortable for premise, the travel city with because this answers,choose more mature or scenic spot. In numerous course, and other places of Beijing, Hainan, Australia is welcomed by a lot of sweethearts, new people can choose to spend this good time where according to him be fond of.

China north swims

Air of China north area, open scene has very big appeal to southern tourist, newly-married is not exceptional also. Serve as one country Beijing, the tourist attraction is rich: Tian An Men, Forbidden City, national capital elegant demeanour; Grand Great Wall, footmark of tarry brave man; The garden circle of Summer Palace of royal drive center, 10 thousand garden is bright garden, red garden of building emersion grand sight, all be China scenic spot crackajack delegate... experience newly-married is here happy, pat an extraordinary " marriage gauze is illuminated " , will be the aftertaste with classical lifetime.

Southwest swims

Appreciate amorous feelings of scene of each district scene, folk-custom, have a divine wedding, it is every persistent to new personality expectation. On the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau that reachs a day, picturesque Yu Longxue holds the scenery to marry grandly below the foot of a hill celebration, 1000 years old of Gu Chengli rivers become bridal witness, bright stars communicates God to bless, the night of such newly-married, round the dream that you expect?

Hainan swims

In the end austral our country, the intertropical seaside view that Hainan island has distinguishing feature alone makes a person enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave. 3 inferior south hill is so-called the first landscape scenic spot, scene of seascape, hill, stone scene is harmonious, "Solemn pledge of love " it is the oath in the dream no longer, you the brigade that how could misses this to love the romance in the remotest corners of the earth?

Abroad swims economy

The newlywed person with nicer condition mights as well experience exotic amorous feelings personally, among them person of hold up of charming and gentle of Australian natural scene, the honeymoon heaven that more God is built especially for the lover -- , natural heart cay, in this indicative and lasting love " lover island " go up, bridegroom bride is made in peaceful elegance chapel below " hold your hand, grow old with you " promise.
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