The honeymoon that chooses to suit travels

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Time limitation:

Holiday won't be too normally long, differ to a month by a week, the day of eliminate wedding, the rest time is shorter, the accident that should inspect holiday so will decide the far and near of the journey.

Economic capacity:

If time is enough, economy is bounteous optional a bit further reach costly place, like Europe, beauty, add reach Australia to wait. Thailand, Singapore is cheaper, the consumption in be sure to keep in mind journey also should be calculated inside.

Individual be fond of:

Certain place is special to new personality significant or they are longed for day and night, a few people are exclusive sunshine beach, a few favore a world of ice and snow, it is the individual's be fond of absolutely.

Climate season:

The choice suits his climate, examine whether encountering monsoon, if be afraid of aspic, grant appropriate choosing falls the place of heavy snow, if boreal Europe is afraid that heat is unfavorable,choose too dry place.

Comfortable pitch:

Honeymoon journey has not at other journey, avoid by all means is painstaking, advertent car Cheng can be denied too long, the journey can be denied too close, egregious rush about work hard shoulds not be from beginning to end honeymoon travels.

Language problem:

If do not know local language, had better join viatic group, in the leader of a sports team guide below, go to the lavatory more.

Special celebration:

Certain state takes traditional festival seriously very much, if Japan is met,what adopt much posture more is hold to celebrate an activity in special red-letter day, already rich place colour, also have lively atmosphere, in addition, to draw more visitor, a lot of countries can invest a few large activities, be like the Olympic Games, exposition, travel year etc.

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