Newlywed honeymoon travels notice

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The garment

Go out travelling to install should light, easy, comfortable. Garment pants shoulds not be too wide or narrow small, lest affect,walk. The summer travels, because difference in temperature of morning and evening is bigger, besides on the belt change outside washing the dress, had better take a pourpoint or wool clothes again; Winter travels, must take sweater, cotton-padded clothes, jellaba to wait.

Travel is unfavorable wear chemical fibber a kind singlet, vest, briefs. Because its permeability is poor,be, after perspiring easy stickup go up in the body, very uncomfortable. Nylon underwear briefs still can stimulate the skin, cause a variety of skin disease.

The color of dress must be paid attention to, summer is unfavorable wear brunet dress, from absorb radiation to heat up by arrive infirmly strong order is: Live ash of? color of loess, rice, green, red, green, black. Insolate directly to reduce burning sun the head, summertime travel should take straw hat or white sunshade hat. Need additionally to carry light raincoat or fold type umbrella fully.


The food in travel wants fresh, diversiform, lubricious beauty, taste sweet, eliminate exhaustion with benefit, prevent a disease. Water is the material that manages life. Because travel perspires more, and eduction of the meeting that follow sweat the material such as a few salt, Potassium, magnesian, calcic, iron, in travelling consequently, answer drinkable the water that contains above material or beverage (normal person everyday water requirement is 2000-3000ML) to be balanced in order to maintain metabolization of the water inside body, salt, but cannot water overmuch, with exceeding 300ML advisable, can make gastric juice attenuant otherwise, the influence is digested, increase the burden of heart, kidney. No matter journey accident, had better bring some of biscuit, cake, in preventing road cannot repast, but must prohibit eating and drink too much, can appear otherwise digestive function is disorder, cause cardiac muscle to be short of blood, cholecystitis, pancreatitis. Drink tea too unfavorable and overmuch, thick, lest cause excited, insomnia, much make water, constipation, heartbeat,accelerate wait for disease. A few drinking can promote blood loop, eliminate exhaustion.


The requirement that lodges in travel ought to be safety, convenient, comfortable, wholesome, live after seasonable wash one's hands and face, shower, change underwear, massage lumbar leg ministry and crus muscle, be helpful for eliminating exhaustion. Summer is not in the place that has wind long stay, otherwise easy cause cold or articulatory ache; Warm oneself in the winter should notice ventilated, the coal furnace that before sleeping, will not go out moves to outdoor, in case carbon monoxide is toxic, want to assure enough sleep at the same time.

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