Avoid 7 greatly common honeymoon journey is wrong

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The error with the commonnest journey of a few honeymoon is below -- you do not make!   

1, forget book double room.

You do not laugh, this is very important when ordering inn, go abroad especially when the journey, or sit when You Lun travels.
2, book wedding the following day one big early the number that set out, airliner.

If you have marriage Qing Wanyan, you are certain impossible early falls asleep. A bit later airliner can give you enough time ready-made.   

3, in accommodation respect be economical.   

OK when other travels perhaps, but in honeymoon the journey is no good. Although you think you won't stay for a long time in the house, you also can regret to did not book a comfortable room. Be afraid audition most honeymoon regret is, "We should be a bit more floriferous cash stays an a bit more luxurious room. "

4, do not make honeymoon journey budget.   

Before set out, the plan should spend how many money very much, should main flower is in what respect.  

5, let a person make all programs.   

Honeymoon is two the individual's things. If you make all preparation, if plan to move not free, you can feel very afflictive, if you do not share a plan completely, you may are opposite plan result is dissatisfactory.   

6, plan of ride of negligence be economical.   

With travel agent connection, there is a lot of now a series of mobile plan, want save worry of soloer than yourself trip, be economical.   

7 depend on friend and kin overly.   

Can explore a proposal to them, but be affected not completely by them. The interest that wants him comply with. The respect waits in accommodation, also do not bother them as far as possible.

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