Japanese travel 10 big notes

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1, did not forget to take off a shoe

Be in Japan, do in Rome as Rome does, no matter be the room that enters hotel, still be the be a guest in the home to Japanese, or it is to take assembly room, office, anyhow, if enter house to be about,change slipper only, change slipper twice even sometimes. Those who change slipper is consuetudinary not allow in Japan infringe. Before entering room, must not forget to take off a shoe.

2, go out ten million should carry an umbrella

Go out should carry an umbrella. Japan is maritime climate, fine rain is errant, an umbrella precautions averts perils. Travel carries folded umbrella, but, business, visit one's family best belt length gent umbrella. Because be in Japan, before most shop door, even by door of illicit home house, have an umbrella basket, long umbrella can stand inside basket, and folded umbrella is to cannot be put into umbrella basket.

3, beautiful money need not tip

Japan and a lot of Asia countries are same, without the habit of tip. In the Zhang sheet because of old hotel, dining hall, already added 10? The service of 5% is expended. And if the taxi does not have special service, what also do not have tip is necessary. As to consume in beauty parlour, barbershop, bar and nightclub and other places, also need not pay fee.

4, thirsty drink tap water

Japanese tap water is OK direct and drinkable. Station and large public have opening of water of tap water gush. Old hotel, dining hall stock mineral water offers a guest drinkable.

5, take a mobile phone to do not have a law to use oneself

Go to Japan need not taking a mobile phone. Because make type differ, take a mobile phone to do not have a law to use at all over oneself. Additional, japanese voltage is 110 volt, (basically be bipod flat outlet) so, if the batteries charger such as the watch for a chance that takes oneself, videocorder is not 110-240 volt is compatible, also cannot use.

6, buy what to to buy

The quality of small-sized electric home appliances

7, the subway is convenient cheap

If want to shop in him Japan, best by subway, because it is the cheapest. Japanese subway traffic very develop, subway route is like cobweb closely, subway station is direct high-rise is rock-bottom, the room that gives an option for you is very big. Japanese spending is very high, the taxi is very expensive of course. If oneself give money, still go out by subway. Additional, travel lives hotel, you won't Japanese, oneself give a market, had better carry the calling card of a piece of hotel, convenient in case inner ear can build a car to come back.
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