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Citizen political situation replies: Beijing of short duration does not res

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The proposal citizen political situation that Zhang Ning of committee member of city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference offers to restore compulsive marriage check during two meetings makes a return

Weigh blemish birthrate rises to be caused by a variety of elements ascribe to only it is unscientific that marriage check rate falls

Report from our correspondent (reporter Cao Kun) the reporter learns now, be in what put forward during two meetings this year to Zhang Ning of committee member of Beijing the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference " carry out afresh about be in Beijing ' compulsive marriage check ' proposal " draft resolution, bureau of Beijing civil administration makes a return: Beijing won't restore compulsive marriage check temporarily at present.

Zhang Ning's committee member goes out in draft resolution middle finger, in recent years, as " marriage registers byelaw " carry out, "Compulsive marriage check " turn into " freewill marriage check " , the marriage check rate of a lot of big cities such as Beijing glides substantially. Monitor according to concerning a section, the drawback that the other place has some of place birthrate go up considerably subsequently raise.

Zhang Ning's committee member thinks, the purpose of marriage check basically is to discover a few major hereditary diseases are mixed catch a disease, to preventing a new student be born blemish is very useful. Carry out compulsive marriage check afresh as soon as possible for this proposal.

Bureau of Beijing civil administration expresses when the draft resolution that dealing with Zhang Ning's committee member, the investigates verdict that had last year through the many branches such as civil administration ministry, Ministry of Public Health, marriage check is right reduce blemish birth action is limited, marriage check rate falls with blemish birthrate rises on nonexistent medicine causal, and the change that whether restores compulsive marriage check to rely on legal laws and regulations and edit. So basis " marriage registers byelaw " , beijing won't restore compulsive marriage check at present.

Citizen political situation introduces in the reply, prevent and reduce blemish birth measure has a variety of, if blemish birthrate rises to ascribe to only one of all elements marriage check rate falls, it is unscientific.

In addition, medical expert points out, the parents of oaf of divine be in charge of is healthy crowd, the measure that adopts marriage check impossibly to them prevents what nerve is in charge of oaf to be born, accurate method is in progestational through seeking advice to tell pregnant woman with guidance before marriage 3 months take folic acid to be able to prevent effectively.

Marriage check just prevents defect a kind of when be born auxiliary method, is not to prevent defect the safeguard measure that be born, cannot exaggerate overly the action of marriage check.
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