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Marry " project " tremendous, jape of a lot of people marries to want thin drop ten jins. Yesterday, hangzhou crosses a trade first times " newly-married adviser is allied " hold water, of this alliance hold water will change before new personality is in those who build his " fossa " when the sort of " tired happy move " state. Brand-new " newly-married adviser is allied " will offer for new personality from buy a house, decorate, take a picture, feast and even the complete set service that have honeymoon.
Occupy Hangzhou citizen political situation to predict, there will be get married of 60 thousand pairs of new personalities this year, be aimed at such marriage wet, marriage celebrating economy also is
More and more be taken seriously. In the demand catenary that celebrates the market in whole marriage, be benefited it is an industry not just absolutely, because this strengthens the collaboration on whole demand catenary to become the consensus of a lot of enterprises, and this Zhejiang of 6 enterprises such as 5 stars electric equipment forming an alliance also was to comply with such tide.

Love me by me lily of electric equipment of beauty of constant of the home, 9 vessels, 5 stars, phoenix dwell, beautiful inferior the brigade in gem, province establishs jointly " newly-married adviser is allied " will make the advisory service with one-stop whole journey for new personality, let new personality be in save worry while the newly-married that enjoys 6 well-known companies to measure a body to have something made to order engineers plan.

According to introducing, this 6 great advisory services are respectively: Room of adviser of marriage room choose and buy, marriage decorates gauze of adviser of home appliance of room of advisory, marriage, marriage adviser of gem of photography adviser, newly-married and newly-married honeymoon adviser. And the standardization that allied tenet wants to let consumer enjoy each industries namely serves, unapt run around here and there. Additional, inside allied system, the charge of wedding of new personality buy is in after optimizing configuration, economic on 10 thousand, even tens of thousands of yuan also become a possibility.

And the alliance that new people wants to acquire these 6 allied companies only gets stuck, OK choose arbitrarily in 6 companies all perhaps, choose two above to still can enjoy great gift bag at the same time, if whole technological process chooses to be in 6 allied companies to finish, still will enjoy additional privilege.

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