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Lebanon: In traditional family, those who get the man should be ask for to agree first before the woman goes out. If some day does not want a wife, when staying the opinion that he seeks before the wife goes out, he needs to say only " go quickly, did not come home " , proclaim from this divorce.

Duomingnige: Burst of feeling of both sides of male and female, apply for to local branch, ask administrator to go to hair shave severally half, exchange the hair that shave comes down each other.

El Salvador: Feeling of husband and wife once burst, can apply for to register to local government office, buy a cattle next, butcher hind dines together please before bilateral kin friend. Eat finishs, posture of surface of double field of husband and wife is inspected, hand of each for private use plays the other side 10 remember a slap on the face, call it by a good name of: Remember final anguish, announced to divorce so.

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