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Check of basic level marriage buys free government this year odd

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As the arrival of warm spring, marriage celebrate the market also immediately lifts a climax. For loot more business chance, many Nanjing marriage celebrate a company to begin to roll out human nature of of all kinds to change a service, provide bridal secretary for instance, the help does wedding each sundry, rental a matron of honour, side bride blocks wine to wait. A few days ago, the reporter understands, a kind of marriage celebrates the service of charge instalment to also came out a few days ago, new personality is OK in installment group by group to marriage celebrate a company to pay fee, greatly pressure of bring down economy.
As we have learned, this kind of instalment divides a class, 4000 yuan of wedding to 30 thousand yuan of price, new personality can pay 30 % deposit first, next cent period undertakes reimbursement, 5000 yuan of wedding to 30 thousand yuan of price, can divide period or 12 period undertake reimbursement, new personality need not pay interest. For instance the wedding of 9000 yuan of prices, cent pays 6 times, so after new personality is making 3000 yuan of deposit, every months again to marriage celebrate a company to pay 1000 yuan of marriage the money can. According to Luo Man front courtyard marriage celebrates company relevant controller to introduce, marrying is life important matter after all, many new personality hope to be able to do wedding a few more ceremoniously, get class to ask somewhat to wedding so, hit an example to say, it is the adornment door of new personality daily expense entering the arena likewise, most new personality can choose flower door, very few somebody is willing to use silk flower door; And spend pair of marriage to celebrate a company really for, cannot repeat use, price nature is very tall. Add marriage celebrate arena, marriage to celebrate the decoration such as tablecloth of desk of the candle, wine, a wedding does, little criterion thousands of yuan, get on 10 thousand yuan more. To new personality, this expenditure is not little economy responsibility. Considering pressure of bring down new personality, company and action merchant bank together, first will " avoid breath instalment " business is pushed to the market. Once come out,this kind of service is similar to the business that sells a room to borrow money in installment, be welcomed by new personality.
When interviewing, the reporter just encounters the gentleman of the first month of accurate new personality that conducting instalment business, he states he values instalment to have a reason additionally still, "I feel instalment also is a kind of character assure. I am prepaid deposit, if wedding is held very successfully, without any problems, so I should pay complete money of course, but if if camera became bad,appear, marriage car is late when waiting for a problem, outstanding and complete money can become me to get compensatory assurance, come so, I can am opposite in mentally bridal each job feeling is at ease. I can am opposite in mentally bridal each job feeling is at ease..
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