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The expert unscrambles new marriage law " concubinage " should have law was

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Our country drafts those who carry out 20 years to be opposite " marriage law " undertake modification brewing long already, but limit two years to come to the law of a few specific issues each square expert stick to one's position does not fall. A few days ago, standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress was announced on lecture of the 15th legal system about revising " marriage law " newest circumstance, li Peng's chairman represents, " marriage law " revise, already included big standing committee of complete this year compatriots to discuss draft to plan. And introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Kang Sheng of vice director of standing committee of National People's Congress discloses further, force of bigamous concubinage, family, divorce in recent years social heat problem is this second " marriage law " modification key.

"Concubinage " will suffer each other of condemnatory husband and wife to lose " chastity is compulsory "

According to report of and other places of countrywide the Women's Federation and Guangdong, Shanghai, in last few years " concubinage " phenomenal grow in quantity, main form is make offerings to with the loaves and fishes such as money the opposite sex outside marriage, if offer housing, car, living cost, say for " Jin Wu hides charming " ; Some raises unlicensed prostitute, say for " from fine " ; Some maintains sexual relationship for a long time with the form such as secretary, baby-sitter; Some makes public wife concubine to be resided in all even. "Concubinage " outside except business, still have outback factory director, manager, labor contractor, SOHO, even party card cadre. Embezzlement of a cadre of Guangdong Baoan, spend the money on body of a few second wives to amount to many yuan 2000, this kind of circumstance already played havoc with one husband one wife marital system, rotted social conduct.

Our country marriage law has prohibit setting bigamously, the supreme court is to bigamous judicatory explanation " the person that has a mate and others live with spouse name, perhaps know perfectly well what other has a mate and live jointly with spouse name to it, conviction by the bigamy punishment. " but, "Concubinage " very rare and barefaced register marry, also live together publicly with spouse name rarely, some had given birth to 9 children to live together not publicly also, it is difficult to obtain evidence in judicatory so, what be punished actually is not much.

Accordingly, revise this " marriage law " , the expert thinks to have one of following state, can be a bigamy surely: If have what conjugal person and other hold spousal; The person that has a mate and other husband and wife are proportional, live jointly in fixed abode; The person that has a mate and other have stabler cohabitational concern (half an year or a year of above) and bear children; The person that has a mate and other live together to live jointly in fixed abode of 6 months above, this kind of new regulation can check better and penalize bigamous concubinage behaviour.
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