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New marriage law will affirm first: Prohibit between in-laws marry

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Sign up for a report according to Hua Sheng, in Chinese tradition consuetudinary look, the union between in-laws is to have be contrary to of ethical morality, but, as a result of active " marriage law " set without proclaimed in writing to this, come from legal principle say, difficult investigate its are wrong. According to signing up for a report tonight, what be about to come on stage is new " marriage law " will affirm first prohibit affined union.

Between in-laws whether marry? Look from foreign legislation, general forbidden and lineal in-laws namely the intermarriage between grandpa and daughter-in-law, mother-in-law and son-in-law. For example, the partial place law of France, Switzerland, Japan, United States all absolutely or prohibit relatively lineal in-laws marries. Because divorce,marriage concerns or just die, after other places expresses cease meaning and making affinity disappears, also must not marry.

China is active " marriage law " did not make specific provision to this, accordingly, can maintain before, grandpa marries a daughter-in-law, mother-in-law is married although husband is unreasonable, but also do not break the law. A lot of people express to understand and sympathize with to this phenomenon even.

An investigation that comes from countrywide the Women's Federation shows, the person of 32.5% thinks, lineal in-laws marries to be put in the obstacle of ethical morally only, can not cause the undesirable consequence of prepotent respect. If people majority can accept the fact of in-laws marriage, not was necessary to prohibit marrying, these people advocate " lineal in-laws wants only sentient, law should allow to be united in wedlock. " . And the person of 40.1% thinks, should prohibit lineal in-laws marries, think affined union can be caused " incestuous " , involuntary discharge of urine kills a society.

To manner of in-laws marriage illicit, distinction of male and female is not big, but related to literacy rate. Literacy rate is higher, the proportion that thinks law should allow lineal in-laws to marry is larger.

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