Position:Vs. mother-in-law

Cannot bear of the mother-in-law " love "

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● he and she meets dramaticly, be in love. Amative beginning, he states he must marry the girl of a single mother satisfaction that lets his.

● fortunately his mother likes her very much, ground of their success will come when conditions are ripe got a marriage certificate. But she feels the mother-in-law plans so that overdo a bit for them gradually.

● mother-in-law is decorated in bridal chamber on want make a decision, advocate buy a car. She what do not want to buy a car produced conflict with the mother-in-law eventually...

Graceful graceful and husband A blueness love each other very deep. A black from a child brings up an adult by the mother, graceful graceful tries hard to pay, get favor of A Qing mother greatly, two people already got a marriage certificate. A young mother jubilates greatly, buy luxurious jewelry enthusiasticly for young couple arrangement, buy a car... but the mother-in-law's love makes graceful graceful tiredder and tiredder however, final two people quarrel greatly before holding wedding for this one, quarrel 1000 kinds of former pains pay graceful letting graceful all running water immediately this.

The mother-in-law is not willing to see graceful again, and the graceful graceful father that bears graceful graceful love all the time expresses clearly also to value this paragraph of marriage no longer. Present graceful graceful does not know is to renew affection predestined relationship, be on the red carpet that longs for day and night all the time to still end at this point.

He is hit to me before love " precautionary needle "

I and A blueness are Shanghai person, our love is a strange combination of circumstances completely is accidental. When reading a graduate student, weekend in the evening, the dormitory has my person only, wanted on the telephone a roommate that will look for me, the last name is wrong to the name, it is to lived once upon a time actually the old boy that be here. In ceaseless misunderstanding and explanation, we laugh at phonate, disclosure each other chat very happily. Go down a little then, discover his home leaves my home very close, so come my two gutty and familiar feelings. The following day, he makes a telephone call again, ask I can go up with giving school and him to see at the same time. I agreed.

I just grind in those days one, and that paragraph of time is right the mobile phone is bad, sending repair. When concern meets, I admit not to come out a bit also connection of have no way, but be in conventional ground to nod, he identified me, made my name. We chatted to cafes one afternoon, the star that discovers we love is same individual, the book that love is same this, the sport that likes actually also is same kind, have greatly meet the feeling that hates evening. After this, his phone had not been broken.

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