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The subtle move that improves wife and mother to concern

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After wife move into one's husband's household upon marriage, the concern that follows my Mom is in not coldly all the time not hot. My Mom is an old tradition, see the daughter-in-law divides first time " know size " when had called her " Mom " outside, had not called Mom again later, mind general assembly is worn an a knot in one's heart. Before me, wife also often " your Mom " long " your Mom " short, listen in Mom's ear, it is to make her sad more, was troubled by several secondary to move out live.

My clip is among them, bad also to suffer. On one hand, I am anxious for mood discomfort of Mom, on the other hand, wife is fast confined, after the child is born if my Mom comes niminy-piminy how to do? Wife belongs to labour firewood with me a group of things with common features, do not have time to look after children in the home for certain.

The abdomen that the eye is looking at wife is bigger and bigger, the miracle appeared. This day, mom is cooking food in the kitchen, wife comes in from outside, cried sweetly to her face-to-face: "Mom -- . " the old lady thinks he hears voice, do not have utter a word, when listening attentively again, it is sweet " Mom " . See wife is carrying a bag from the finished product dish with redemptive supermarket, still a chicken says: "Mom, you did not work today, I bought off-the-peg food, still a chicken fills to you body. Still a chicken fills to you body..

The daughter-in-law's act out of normal behaviour, instead lets Mom feel embarrassed rise. She thinks the daughter-in-law wants to make fun of what wicked idea again, wanting not to respond her, my wife hurries again warm ground says: "Mom, you are resting, these place bowl of work that takes chopsticks to let me come. " get the old lady so that be stupefied continuously.

At night, I indissoluble the ground asks wife: "Today you how does ground of act out of normal behaviour call a Mom to come? "Today you how does ground of act out of normal behaviour call a Mom to come??

Wife skill is touching her ridgy belly, a fashionable records says skill raise: "Have above this piece close child article, homiletic Yo child should be made from prenatal education above all. I think, if I do not call Mom now, the child that waits for us in the future was born, also do not call my Mom to do how? Also do not call my Mom to do how??

Ha, was troubled by a long time, such before! Look at the expression with complacent wife, I make calm decision secretly, will go tomorrow post-office, order a pile of big good to the child to the family the press to come home!

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