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I am enrolled too with Shanghai accurate mother-in-law

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She goes to ● when nonlocal subsidiary works, with him each other gives birth to good impression. Be informed him to had had brief marriage when her history when, took included attitude.

The abidance of two people of ● warms up, when she hopes he answers Shanghai together, he did not agree, she also does not mind.

● however, when her first time " come " when, the mother-in-law extent that discovers future however does not have expression, moment is gotten into the room to be considered oneself play game oneself...

Pour out heroine: Grandma Ga (alias) employee of 25 years old of foreign enterprises

Story hero: Take iron (alias) employee of 31 years old of foreign enterprises

The job that suckle Ga is very busy, we agree to met at 8 o'clock in the evening. My specially took an admirable view scene place, she is hasty and to, be attracted by the place of a myriad twinkling lights of a city outside the window immediately. I and she jokingly: "Female big bos stays, wanted to get married? " she of individual character extroversion nods again and again: "In my dictionary, the home means evening coming home, a lamp is shining for you. I an outer ground, shanghai besides the colleague, do not have assorted one relatives and friends, want a home really. I and male friend interacted two years, feeling is good, happen to talks about marriage talking to marry, I was ascended ' accurate husband's family ' the door, accident however ground sufferred desolate. Our do sth in a fit of pique parts company, male friend tries to redeem, in my home he does not have chafe sincerity... " young grandma Ga all over the face but.

His marriage history, I do not mind

2001, I am admitted fortunately by head office, come to the East China Sea alone bank Shanghai. Worked assiduously fast a year, the branch sends me to Hua Dong another stature company studies, over I was known take iron.

From read to work, take iron to live in from beginning to end same a city, so pardonable also he will be right in the city suburban idle away in seeking pleasure all sorts of circumstances are perfectness, ground of not decline to shoulder a responsibility becomes the big manager that learns a class, getting authority mad play. His about grows with movie star of a Hong Kong very picture, although not handsome, but have affinity very much, dress dresses up very fashionable also. At first I think and he is with age person, he just discovers after be familiar with fully big I am 6 years old. Do not know how, he seems to be willing particularly " cover " move I girl of this other place, not only bursa of the unreserve on business, bend imparts, dine together at ordinary times, bubble also do not forget to call me. Gradually, in the vision that I feel him much a kind of meaning: Love.

I am opposite originally the impression that obtains iron is very good, he is the Changjiang Delta man of a standard, meticulous, considerate, have emotional appeal very much. After the symptom of a trend that sees him accordingly, tell candidly, very happy. One day, take iron to make an appointment with me to come out to drink tea alone, ground of act out of normal behaviour is silent rise. I am very unaccustomed him this appearance, examine minutely repeatedly, he just mentions a paragraph of past that I do not know: So he has married, get married before long wife outside clique Wuhan; Two years of marriageable age, right a very short time gets along to have a few months only however, must divorce finally; When I know him, he just frees a body. Those who listen to him tell about, I am a bit accident, but do not feel however astonish. Take Tie Ji to blame me this kind " if weight lifting is light " reaction, I explain him to listen: "After all you are big I am several years old, it is early should get married. I do not defy the male friend that looks for to have marriage history, because that is his nevertheless,one paragraph small goes just, have nothing to do with me. " do not have probably which girl and take iron to had spoken, he rectifies an individual to become relaxed at a draught.
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