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Bishop: Personalized wedding feast is enough vogue

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Continue the marriage last year upsurge, this year in June, will lift a marriage to celebrate a height again. On June 6, 8 days, 16 days, 18 days... be regarded as what marry aptly " wedding day " . At present, marriage those who celebrate the market is hot had continued to all trades and professions, marriage gauze, photography, hotel, travel, a giant marriage celebrates industrial catenary to be being formed. And as marriage banquet indispensable " wedding feast " , also have more and more exquisite, be marriage banquet research and development technically " wedding feast " had permeated marriage celebrate the market.

China has 10 million pairs of new personality every year to be fond of knot happy match about, annual marriage banquet exceeds 10 billion yuan with wine gross. When liquor industry " coessential spend competition " when growing in intensity, since ancient times with liquor each shining more brilliantly in the other's company " happy event " , became liquor company to search poor dissimilation to compete " sell a site " one of. Begin from last year, be located in surely " wedding feast " or " marriage banquet wine " the brand is contended for grab market of beach wedding feast, now year this " battle " all the more intense. Occupy position in Beijing field " Guizhou mellow wedding feast " , still maintain powerful momentum this year, old cellar of the bend of a river also should carry product of the wedding feast below the banner to march this year Beijing field.

As we have learned, wedding feast regards marriage banquet as one of consumable, occupy marriage banquet to consume amount about 8% the left and right sides. A when wedding feast falls as fractionize market " latent capacity " the central point that makes liquor manufacturer development not only, red wine also is in by right of its vogue, savoured characteristic chase market of wedding feast of advance gradually army.

Zhang Yu of domestic bishop tycoon rolled out special marriage to celebrate bishop before this, and it is early before Zhangyu, great Wall of an ancient name for China rolls out marriage banquet in a few big cities special wine, hit buy red wine to send liquor banner to be run in the market. Although contemporary newly-married family is used at most, is liquor, but the consumes a concept ceaseless development as people health, prospective bishop also is met fire rises.

Differ with liquor, mostly red wine distributors all is hit " make individual character label freely for new personality " sell a dot to attract a customer, the new personality that always marries can reach the name of oneself and sweetheart the photograph Yin Zaigong wine wraps mount, of individuation " wedding feast " more show individual colour and commemorative sense. No matter collect,still present guest friend good friend, it is the first selection that fills originality, will make best love testimony.
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