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Rental villa does wedding one day to be able to earn thousands of piece

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Far the villa in outskirts, oneself go rarely, unused very regrettablly, how to do? Reporter from the our city a few marriage celebrated company know recently, a few astute villa advocate hang villa rely on to be in marriage celebrate a company, rent new personality does wedding, one day can earn thousands of yuan easily.

"A few villa that do before us are bridal, villa is ' borrow ' come. " " love language " marriage celebrate company director Chen Jing to tell a reporter, not long ago, they welcomed one alignment newlywed person. The woman does not satisfy machine-made hotel type wedding, hope can harbor of follow the lead of piece the rich other people in, wedding is held in the villa that takes a garden. Chen Jing passes a friend then, found to have in Jiang Ning alone villatic other people. There is house property of good few points on this householder hand, jiang Ning's villa is to buy those who do investment to use, unused all the time. Hear the villa that new personality wants to hire him does wedding, householder agreed, but when to put forward to ask: Villatic most the 3 buildings that carry a layer on the head are a bedroom, illicit close sex is strong, can rent first floor is mixed only 2 buildings; Additional, cannot leave with villatic kitchen partner. Bridal that day, householder sent baby-sitter to come over to help hold <> concurrently " guard " , new personality invited nearly 100 Bin Peng, sunshade is put up on the lawn of the garden, water of the wine on pour, food comes over from the area of Western-style food office outside entirely, did a buffet wedding. Outer door scene is taken in the garden afternoon, ball flies in the hall of first floor in the evening, play very to one's heart's contently. After bridal end, new personality is well-content, pay villatic host 5000 yuan by the price that has talked. And villatic advocate the hire that also feels so OK and relaxed to collection does not poor, flat hang relied on to be in marriage celebrate a company below.

"Below our company hang now relied on several villa. " Chen Jing says, these villa are different price according to cent of its size, environment, rent price of a day differs to 5000 yuan from 2000 yuan. Generally speaking, contain independent court, the villa that has garden and lawn most accept new personality favour. Reporter from other a few marriage celebrate a company to understand, outside the villa that offers besides the individual, a few clever villa develop business also " make the best use of everything " , rent unused example room to new personality takes outer door scene or be to do wedding.

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