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Bridal that day: Marriage car is blocked plate also wants be punished

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On June 30, two days came on July 1, 2 squadron are in lake policeman east Su Pu road investigates marriage car to violate brand of keep out name 6 cases, fine 1200 yuan, effective keep within limits the outstanding traffic of brand of name of illegal keep out of car of marriage of this a section of a highway violates act.
Road of lake area Su Pu is Nanchang city's famous marriage celebrates company, beautiful inn east a street. Every arrive holiday, double cease day, often stop a high-grade car to be plunged into here " festooned vehicle " . Belong to a city to serve an industry considering this a section of a highway a street, below the circumstance of not cloggy traffic, squadron policeman is not punished to the park correct place of the car, accomplish educational service to give priority to from beginning to end, as a result of the policeman's management the measure passes " soft " , develop the traffic of brand of name of intended keep out violates marriage car behavior, enter red light, disobey lane travel, do not turn around by the regulation even illegal behavior highlights the traffic such as retrograde motion, film to spot of road surface policeman it is difficult to took card and electronic monitoring to cause.

Face marriage car the traffic of brand of name of intended keep out violates what behavior highlights to show besides, 2 squadron policeman decides to grab from fountainhead. This year April, 2 squadron strengthen the special processing that violates act to brand of name of marriage car keep out, begin to go up to Su Pu road each big marriage celebrates company and beautiful inn to do good conduct propaganda to teach, the requirement is in undertake marriage when celebrating, cannot use card of date of car keep out to marrying, to already having the action of brand of keep out name, not be direct punishment, criticize point out mistakes so that they can be corrected however.

The punish propaganda work of squadron gets marriage the understanding that celebrates company and beautiful inn, express to support policeman management job certainly in succession, affirmatory meeting strives for the understanding of clients and support. On July 1, 2 squadron dissuaded circumstance of brand of name of illegal keep out to undertake checking to fulfilling. From the examination the circumstance looks, most marriage celebrates company and beautiful inn to be able to be carried out according to the requirement, but still a few company returns phenomenon of brand of name of existence keep out, to this, 2 squadron on June 30, on July 1 two days, center alarm the punish that force increases pair of this a section of a highway.

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