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Yantai wedding company take the brand development strategy

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Yantai wedding flower shop in the company's development from start, to the big city to learn, and now beginning to take shape. Now, whether it is television advertising or billboards on the streets, highlighting the brand's dedication wedding company. However, this road seems to only just begun. Reporter, please recommend a number of wedding companies wedding influential brands, most of them appeared to be very difficult. "Recommend a few older is acceptable but recommended we talk about the brand's wedding company seems difficult." One of the industry The boss says. It is understood that the company started in 1999, Yantai wedding, ten years, some old wedding company changed hands several times, to stick with it, very few. Fortunately, a team of professional wedding has grown up, these operators are more long-term vision. Chen Bo in the wedding business from time to time an interview stressed that "the conscience" and that the business formulas are being respected more and more of the industry. A slogan, how to become a business content? In this regard, Bo explains: "work according to their conscience, that is, every process as painstaking, part of the ceremony is not wrong, best to satisfy new needs." He said that a Wedding market participants hundreds of people, a small mistake will spread exponentially, so the wedding industry is word of mouth industry, the industry is not a mistake, and some wedding would rather not receive, nor damage the image of things to do . Wedding shop is not only seeking to brand the old, some new stores to the brand image is even more urgent. Last year, the company opened a wedding is the boss, "80." "Asked people to design before opening a corporate trademarks, and marketing channels in the exploration, after a year, began operation of the brand." The boss Jiang Hao told after 80 record Who now is the unity of the ongoing "VI" logo, their logo will appear on all products in the company. "Besides, is to do word of mouth, as difficult to copy someone else's wedding do." Hao Jiang said the wedding company to build brand really is not easy, but it is an inevitable trend, if it is to continue to fish in Development of the market, the loss of the entire industry. However, it is understood, because the entry threshold is low, nearly a thousand wedding company in Yantai, a high proportion of businesses without qualification, likely to cause confusion in the wedding market, the establishment of industry associations, regulate trade order, and to promote industry self- Law, the urgent needs of the industry.
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