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9 on the new sense of Zhouzhuang Water Village elegant wedding experience signi

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23, from the Han, Buyi, Maonan, Dong and other 9 couples together Zhouzhuang, Zhouzhuang experience a different kind of wedding customs. The ancient arches Zhenfeng morning, before the drums, pick flowers, lake boat swing, playing with the car, carrying the sedan chair and other folk performances to create a festive atmosphere, dressed in colorful costumes of the new people, surrounded by her maid took matchmaker The red carpet. The couple toured the southern traditional architecture Zhang Office, Office of Shenyang, the pictures taken onto Double Bridge, Double Bridge, also known as the key bridge, one symbol of a circle to tie the knot. River in the north and south city, shake the Clippers get married shows Zhouzhuang Water wedding, so that new people with amazement. The most striking is the love from the Yushu region of Qinghai philanthropist - the day on behalf of the Tibetan groom and bride Zhaxi Ba Le Mao couple, because persistent devotion to charity, he We several times to delay marriage, and now finally got his wish in Zhouzhuang. Zhouzhuang as the Shanghai World Expo's "Outside Museum," held "2010 Shanghai World Expo national wedding Shang Dadian" national wedding event, not only provides a showcase for new people to the wedding of the colorful culture of national stage, but also to Expo new experience at close range and feel the elegance and comfort ancient town, highlighting the national family love and unity.
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