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Hubei new wedding spending more than 60 billion in annual growth of 20%

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Wedding company orders honeymoon, hotel, huh ... ... Hubei wedding planning wedding market cake more than 60 billion a year, many wedding-related businesses began to "cross" the Nuggets. "At present, large and medium cities in China, about 7 percent of the couples wedding will help your company make arrangements for the wedding." Yesterday, industry association established in Hubei at the wedding, the Chinese Association for the Director-General Shi Kangning marriage introduction, each country only married couples On day consumption to reach 5,000 billion yuan. DONG Bin Hubei Wedding Industry Association said the new year's wedding Hubei consumption at least 60 billion yuan (not including the wedding room consumption), and an annual growth rate of 20%. According to reports, the wedding industry can drive more than 40 downstream industries, wedding planning, flowers, gifts, wedding photography, wedding travel, dining, performances, new house, wedding car, decoration and other industries, are eating, "wedding cake." Shi Kangning said, and now, after the couple a wedding consumption of 85 main and 90 new people will be getting into after the marriage hall, their demands for more personalized wedding ceremony, it is necessary to trendy but also convenient. Wedding companies have therefore extended services, such as wedding jewelry shopping guide companies, honeymoons and other services, a hotel to start the wedding planning, concurrently a number of wedding photography wedding rental stores. Different sectors of business have begun to "Bao Tuan" cooperation, sharing client resources, one-stop shop for new, but also earn more new money.
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