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Chuan start "Phoenix Tree Project" wedding industry to help students looking f

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Today, the reporter from the Sichuan Province host the 4th wedding contest launch event was informed by the Sichuan Provincial Association of the wedding industry to "speed up the wedding industry to address the students difficult job" of the "Phoenix tree project" has been officially launched. It is the first by the Sichuan provincial industry organizations tap their own trade advantages, the students organize and implement employment projects. Wedding Industry Association of Sichuan Province plans to "Phoenix Tree Project", in 5 years to help 5,000 students in the wedding industry employment. From tomorrow, the province's university students to a personal letter of intent for employment in the wedding industry and the delivery profile to the Association's mailbox (, the Association will include information on employment databases of students, through the website to Talent company to promote the province's wedding. In addition, organized by the Sichuan provincial wedding industry wedding host the fourth competition will provide free of charge to students to observe the vote, the province students can receive a free student ID. It is understood that in recent years, the development of China's wedding industry is entering the accelerated phase: the annual number of 1200 National Wedding million pairs, only the spending on the wedding day nearly 5,000 billion yuan. In Sichuan, according to data provided by provincial Civil Affairs Department, the province's new annual registration of marriage is about 42-45 million pairs, 120,000 pairs per year in Chengdu, marriage a huge base of consumer groups. The province's employment rate of university students in Chengdu cum still hovering around 70% from top to bottom, the employment situation is not optimistic. It is reported that the wedding host the Fourth National Conference finals competition will be held in Sichuan November 7 to 10 grand Qingbaijiang held in Chengdu. Participate in the wedding host the Fourth National Conference finals competition, including the Sichuan students would attend the wedding, including the players knowledge of written culture and etiquette, wedding clips show, talent show, Wedding Knowledge Q & A session in four games. Wedding Industry Association executive vice president of Sichuan Province, said Wang Yiping, Sichuan, most of the colleges and universities have set up professional film and television acting, in fact, the existing film and television entertainment market can not digest so much talent. If these professionals do not mind performing arts, the provincial associations to actively help them to enter marriage wedding market, and become outstanding wedding host, a wedding folk star. And the income of ordinary wedding host university graduates than the average income is much higher, a little known wedding hosts monthly income can be more than million.
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