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Six married women will know the principles of

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Women can marry men they do not love Women marry men they do not love can be happy? Some people believe that they do not love to marry a man must not be happy. Is not necessarily, in reality, they do not love a man to marry, or you can be happy, provided that he was "worthy of love." Perhaps the girl is in his twenties is hard to believe. In fact, many love their husbands and family, living a happy woman that they matter and what men get married, can do as good as now her husband. This is because love and marriage, when love is not the same. When in love, not how hard the two sides will also use up the breeding of love. However, the marriage is not the same. When there is no sense of hugs and kisses all the time, the love between husband and wife need the wisdom to maintain. Therefore, they meet the conditions of marriage it is easy to maintain. Make the women after marriage has a lot of gifts and travel opportunities, but also know how to romance and the character of good men, make women more and more love. Love is indeed a product of fate, but marriage is a matter of choice. Are looking forward to a good marriage, a woman will have Who can be a happy marriage, not just the "I have a good marriage" only. You have to allow themselves to be a woman who can appreciate a good man. The psychological needs of noble culture, of their investment, to enrich their women, there will be more opportunities to get a good man. If the goal is a good man, it prohibitive to develop for the common man's temperament. This is not to be cultured overnight, take a long time effort. Develop the ability to choose a good man, that is, the ability to develop the right choice. If one day you see a woman as you have a better marriage than you, you should not feel wronged. She was able to be happy, it must be because she has some special place. Marriage is not compelled to use the situation to justify Men feel powerless in the real world, it will in the army as an excuse, while women often choose to get married. When a soldier is to go all the same, and the veterans themselves or the original post, but the marriage is not the same. Rush to make you regret the choice of life. Lost his job, life is too difficult or too pressed to get married around the sound, so the jump to the object to get married in the future to face the pain more unbearable than now, this is tantamount to quenching thirst with poison. Do not let slip away Prince Charming The more assertive, independent woman, the more likely suffer a great deal in the marriage, it is because they ignored this phenomenon. Of course, they will feel fear and injustice. If this is marriage, the woman no matter what concessions are not always maintained. Thus, married women in the current high status than their ability or economic man, this is consistent with fair conditions. Cinderella is no sense of inferiority Those who can not afford, but want to marry a woman man psychology, known as the "Cinderella of the inferiority complex." Cinderella really doubt people will be able to be happy, but, you must think, Cinderella did not overcome the final status of different lifetime of living in misery, this is the right answer. Is not qualified to be the Princess Cinderella really it? In fact, she is a time when the maid, still had a dream palace of the great woman. There are fairy tales, wrote the nobility saw the gorgeous Cinderella dress, thinking she is the princess of any country. Cinderella must have no less than a certain nobility, the party with the prince, they should be out of impeccable good dance. "Poverty also stood the ranks of wealthy," and this golden rule of the Jews, so Jews became the people can affect the world economy. Similarly, it should be standing peacetime Cinderella team in the nobility. In order to cover their humble her identity, deliberately missing his glass slipper, the prince for her to retrieve, which also can see her strategy. Meanwhile, even the elves are willing to help her, showing her how great relationships. When she generously forgave her abusive stepmother and sisters, they show her about life. All this shows that Cinderella is a great man. With beauty, and beauty of Cinderella will use, how could the married life Debu happiness? To dream of using the marriage bar Do not think one person can succeed, many people have had in the early twenties the most mistaken idea that marriage is the dream of a woman eating monster. I later found the woman after marriage a lot of people more dynamic. Marriage will be bound by a woman, but, if we can find good partners, the marriage may also be conducive to the development. Left brain and right brain are used in the study of energy are different, therefore, though has been in a learning state, but in fact the equivalent of half the brain to rest. Family and career as well. Marriage is not a good life, the grave, but the strength of the companion, and together achieve the dream opportunity.
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