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The marriage 習 common that Cuba compares 倫

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Beautiful all alone is not a monogamy on the 義 of marital system name that 實 of 達 rice 亞 goes, the husband on 實 際 also can 納concubine. " code of 漢 謨 rabbi " 規 is decided, 結 marriage 雙 just needs 約 of marriage of 須 締 結, the marriage of 無 marriage 約 is in jural be 無 effect. Marriage is arranged by parents commonly, accordingly the 締 結 of marriage 約 is not by 結 marriage person oneself, however by 雙 square father 親 來 finishs. 雙 of male and female just needs 須 hands in 換 禮 to taste, 當 like that, man 應 falls first hire, woman 則 often is married with making 為 high at the article that hires 禮 粧 . Legal 規 is decided, if man 違 約 marries 則 additionally to break its to hire gold; If woman 毀 約 is married additionally, 則 should retreat 還 doubly to hire gold.

Marriage of 訂 of go ahead of the rest wants before 結 marriage. On type of 訂 marriage 儀, fiance wants the perfume on the 灑 on the 頭 in fiancee, 並 serves thick 禮. Type of 儀 of 個 of 經 過 這 , the woman calculates the one 員 of 為 fiance family. Arrived official 結 marriage date, female 兒 of father 親 將 makes 給 groom, bridegroom uncovers the face 紗 of 開 bride before 證 person, the 鄭 of 親 relative friend that adds marriage 禮 to 參 weighs announce 佈 : 這 is my wife. 這 樣 , the bride got law and 習 custom with respect to 獲 bear of 認 " wife " position and identity.

In domestic 關 係, position of husband and wife is imparity. 統 of 對 of marital 佔 絕 treats a status. The husband if 對 wife not 滿 meaning should marry hers only 粧 還 給 she, 並 說: "You go, I do not want the wife of your 這 樣 ! " can rest wife. But wife cannot 對 husband 說: "I do not want the man of your 這 樣 . " not Yo, understand 姦 , nature disagreeable, not 會 housekeeping is the husband rests wife reason. The husband not only can rest wife, 還 is OK buy wife at the deathtrap. Because 為 law 規 is decided " 為 person wife person, the indolent that be like 懶 , put 蕩 , not Home 顧 or 輕 ignore children, all but of 斃 of be addicted to. " what 這 report gives 婦 female position is low, 頗 some 類 are like the feudal 時 of Wu Zhong 國 to take the place of. 當 like that, law also 適 當 protects 護 婦 female 權 beneficial. For example, legal 規 is decided, wife 雖 like that cannot explain 係 of 關 of 離 of 脫 of 請 與 its husband, but if she ground of reason of 無 of fine long hair of 證 bright man mistreats her or can have an affair, all but its marry 攜 粧 and 應 have 財 產 to answer a married woman's parents' home to live. And benefit of 這 項 權 , flower 國 female till end of 19 worlds 紀 ability 獲 is gotten. In addition, if enrollment of marital 應 a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale or 經 business are outer,exceed 過 particular fixed number of year and wife life 無 writes 時, the wife is OK the man live illicitly as husband and wife of 與 別, and the husband must not make 為 reason rest with this wife.
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