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Ancient time marries ceremony

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Set out: Provide for crab calls? of Jin of  of  of  of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome of    to cry before prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun sets out, go to the bride's side, state preparation is proper.
Welcome guest: Dumpling bring a case to court identifies the person of rash? the others to get off then, bridegroom by the bride's side young generation goes out please.
Introduce: Crab horn child go-between of? of  of humerus of cliff fellow Ling introduces understanding of bilateral relatives and friends formally, introduce man 給 the wife's family first.
Accept ask forring: 紅 gives to wrap; to display the gift the hall after crab teachs  of Ю Cheng technetium to the upper arm  ? woman is accepted, go-between 將 size is hired, 長 of home of woman of hand over item by item of golden 飾 , list of present, content of 禮 of woman 親 friendly 將 has closed, 並 arranges offerings in the 陳 on deities desk.
Feng Tian tea: 屬 of 親 of man of 請 of 輩 of  interpose L depends on 長 young into, bridegroom occupies last stage. 準 bride brings 導 to go out by person of 婦 of one good life hall, hold in both hands sweet tea respects tea to man 來 賓.
Press a teacup:  blanket Ze walks on relatives and friends of man of? of Zhan Pu of Meng of milometer fine gold to need to press a teacup with red bag.
Wear ring: で of page of outskirt of call on  child example mires? of ⑹ the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches allows a bride to face sit in oneself main hall outside house in the center of (if enrol 贅 則 to face 內 ) on high chair, low chair becomes warped crural; wears ring at middle finger (right) of male Zun Nv. Accurate bridegroom gives red bag accurate bride.
Change 稱 to breathe out: Dumpling Dian of Huai Ping of act of reef of  prostitute  ?
Ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for: Go-between of? of cangue of Ling of bright teach quiet misses lucky sign beside, of 隨 do obeisance to deities ancestor by hold a memorial ceremony for of woman father and mother, report marriage already was decided,
Recompense:  leaf reads massacre of  of crab put down to blow harmonious Cheng Qiang to push branny? of hesitating of Kou of the mail that add a mythical bird like the phoenix to give the man send a present in return 6 or 12.
Be engaged banquet: ┗ as kind of bag scabbard ferment vases Shan? woman has refreshments opens banquet to treat the man (seat male right female left) woman equipment drumstick and attach 紅 bag gives the man young people of a certain kind, the man presses the person red package that all helping send outside table manners to acknowledge except equipment.
See a visitor out: Leave of guest of man of damask silk? comes home, young generation holds the woman in both hands guest of man of powder keg 給 washs his hands, be like outside dining-room avoids this ceremony, good-bye does not say when seeing a visitor out.
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