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Give Pucitecianla's name
Marrying is a result is repaired, who marries, who completed the one part that teachs the door. Fall in the cleanest condition through marrying awe-stricken how to pull. ----The spirit of holy example
Mu Sheng says: "Who to pull to bestow virtuous wife, teachs the assist that installing got pulling in the one part of the door in its, so, let him be in the rest in one part awe-stricken how to pull. Let him be in the rest in one part awe-stricken how to pull..
Yi of holy door child this. Maisioude says: "If I know my birthday is restricted to remain 10 days only, when I am capable to marry, I marry certainly, commit a crime in case. Commit a crime in case..
Marry since result of a be apt to also is one of happy event in life
Long drought meets manna
An alien land encounters reason to know
Bridal chamber spends candle night
When Jin Bang nominates
Favour sees Tan Mu of a Mohammedan scholar the article of the ceremony of Si Linxin marriage, pick interpret now its are as follows:
1, bridegroom, bride is in of bridal day wash in the morning big, small clean;
2, illegal thing and illegal food avoid on marriage banquet;
3, attend bridal men and women to answer garment is orderly, accord with teach legal exemple;
4, the music when congratulatory wedding, song wants moderate, content wants health;
5, life of owner of lost property cannot be lost because of joy to do obeisance to when congratulatory wedding;
6, affiance finishs the travel that it is emperor in mosque;
7, the hand that the bridegroom after bridal end is pulling a bride enters bridal chamber, the bridegroom after reaching 2 people world prepares a cup of milk to the bride, a ceremony two do obeisance to deputy result Bai Weisheng to go; And Xiang Anla prays: "Advocate ah! You let us be far from diabolical temptation, make our life happy, bestow our legal provisions. Bestow our legal provisions..

8, the prayer when of the same branch of a family: "Advocate ah! With your name, let us be far from diabolical temptation, let devil leave our life, the life that lets us is perfect and happy, if the couple had the child, hold in the palm lean advocate devil won't harm him. Hold in the palm lean advocate devil won't harm him.. ---Holy example

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