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Ceremonial charge detailed solves wedding of classical Chinese style

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The general flow of Chinese style wedding

● carries litter leave: In lion of gong and drum, suona horn, dance accompany below, the bridal sedan chair begins start on a journey. Press a tradition, the bride should be come out to serve a sedan by brotherly back. Do not cross modern much singleton female, can do sth for sb by brother-in-law or partner man only, also change a back normally to was held in the arms. The distance of the bridal sedan chair just takes a form at present, unless two particularly close, otherwise carries this from Shanghai that, affirmation is tired bend over below. Be being pressed nevertheless should give a chair man red package conventionally, otherwise they can vibrate of purpose bridal sedan chair, allow a bride " feel better " .   

● crosses brazier and archery: Gu Lizhong is the bride sits the bridal sedan chair crosses charcoal fire basin, nevertheless now is a bride normally in go-between support sb with hand fall to be crossed directly. Before issueing litter next, bridegroom still must pull door of bend face litter to shoot 3 Gong Jian, use the evil influence that drive bride may be infected with all the way.

● does obeisance to hall and make a cup of wine: Some has crossed saddle even after brazier, the home closes after marriage of omen new personality restful; The weighbeam that just uses a red cloth to be being wrapped by bridegroom next carries the happy handkerchief on bridal head, at this moment, do obeisance to formally with respect to this to new personality hall. Doing obeisance to the most important part after hall is not to make a cup of wine (add up to) of wine nuptialing wine cup, give bilateral Gao Tangjing tea however, normally this moment is to be done below a flock of voice tear all, of occasion touching, also permeating strong close feeling fully in enthusiastic festive atmosphere. >>>The editor recommends: Hold the stage property that Chinese style wedding needs

Homocentric knot sends ● and thank intermediary: Ceremony of contemporary get married get married, it is more very move this issue in bridal chamber reveal. E.g. tie hair, should be new personality cuts some of hair each other in bridal chamber, the keepsake that concerns as husband and wife is put together save, now is to be performed in public. Bilateral mother nods Long Fengzhu together later, new personality exchanges sweet book beautiful jade to become authenticating object, give go-between to give pork leg please again.

Firework of Chinese style marriage is sold

The link of Chinese style wedding that manages a tunnel but true many, although can omit,for instance the assembly room is decorated flower, much however countless prop. Makeup girl also can work hard quite, because besides new personality, still a matron of honour, woman matchmaker, family waits to must cooperate to make up. As to compere, the price is higher, cover a statement because of wedding restoring ancient ways a lot of, and must sing again more very much cry out. Return so that ask to be equivalent to directing the spot chief inspector of property next, act the person of all sorts of parts in order to coordinate, bridal superintend and director guides more blame please cannot, because the harmony of the course of the bridal sedan chair and hotel side gets someone from beginning to end,go doing calm.
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