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Restaurant salutes -- it is current the most general pattern, make lucky blessing by chief witness at a wedding ceremony, compere, next great dinner guest; Convenient businesslike, also do not break lively. And the ceremony that attends in wedding breakfast commonly is as follows:
1. Bridegroom, bride welcomes guest in banqueting hall doorway;
2. Chief witness at a wedding ceremony, introducer, guest, preside over a wedding ceremony person and relative sitting;
3. Marry celebration begins, achieve " marry march " ;
4. Photograph of guest of male and female leaves take one's seat of bridegroom, bridegroom;
5. Emcee chairs spousal;
6. Chief witness at a wedding ceremony makes a speech, read out marriage certificate;
7. Guest represents a speech, congratulate a word;
8. Bridegroom, bride exchanges keepsake;
9. Bubbly, cut marry cake, drink make a cup of wine;
10. Bilateral parent appears on the stage, the parent represents a speech, congratulate a word;
11. Photograph of bridegroom, bride to bilateral parent 3 bow, all along guest 3 bow, mutual 3 bow;
12. Group photo;
13. Lift cup, emcee announces the banquet begins;
14. Attendant of male and female leaves bridegroom bride leave a banquet or a meeting;
15. The ceremony ends.

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