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Visit a sacred land of abroad marriage common - wedding is consuetudinary

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The traditional marriage common of respecting China, what can people think of " 6 ceremonies of 3 books " " 3 do obeisance to 9 kowtow " these numerous common ceremony. Dan Fu mentions exotic marriage common, people besides think of marriage gauze, besides cathedral, priest, won't have too much impression, actually the otherness as a result of nation, culture, make the marriage common of each district appears piece very big different, is these colorfulness, colourful marriage common habit formed the mankind shine together in the society beautiful scenery line.

France: White marriage white is the mass-tone attune of romantic French wedding, no matter be to decorate used flower, still be bridal dress, and even all decorating adornment, be white, should chasteness is too busy the marriage that can see French eye is medium. On wedding, new a form of address for one's wife will surely prepare a name to be " Weddingarmosre " the cabinet is made dotal, on ark quarter have the pattern of manual and careful, indicative health and prosperity, be with having again " the small box of the hope " good name; And the mug that new talented person uses also has specific name, the name is " Coupdemarriage " the meaning is " bridal cup "

Germany: German " mad " with German the reason that advocates all the time and differ calmly, their bridal more presents the one side that gives insanity. German Party can be held in wedding (the clique is right) , the clique is right in, new personality can be made fun of, this has those who be similar to our China " be troubled by bridal chamber " , weigh among them scolex looks even if elated ground casts small dish broken. Arrived the day that wedding holds, new personality can sit in the cart that pulls by a dark horse to come to cathedral. And the place that holds in wedding, can use red lacy sealing exit with anadem, bridegroom is needed with money or promise to hold a clique to exchange a condition to making, new talented person can pass exit, this is called in traditional wedding of Germany " Ropingthecouple " . Additional, in marriage banquet, what become in order to break flat peach kernel is made is candied, mixing the alcoholic drink that has flavor and Pi to asperse is the main provision of fund settle or live in a strange place.

Greek: Greek new a form of address for one's wife meets the candy in the glove to put a few sugar in the glove, the delegate brings happiness into matrimony. Greek like to receive visitor in the round dance that the tradition jumps in wedding. When wedding is held, among them a program is by the lead a chorus of poetry class person allocution bridegroom should take good care of and protect a wife, new a form of address for one's wife can dab the sole of bridegroom is respected with showing. New personality can include the flat walnut meat of sugar-coat with book gauze, allocate next guest, in order to symbolize abundant and perfect.
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